The Documentary of OzBo Red Carpet Event
 Sat Feb 7th kicking off at noon at The McNutt House in Vicksburg, MS!

 1. How long were you in production for this movie?
Ozbo- since October and we have 6 movies planned right now

2.Will this movie play at the movies or on local television stations?
Ozbo-right now we are hoping to get sales on the movie to get it out there more.

3. Do you see The Twisted Carnival turn into a series?
Ozbo- twisted carnival and ozbo is a new concept in horror movies that we hope will catch on… all the characters of twisted carnival will be known as a traveling freak show.  the sequel will begin filming in March.

4. Is there a way to get your OZBO Fans to help support your Twisted Carnival or any events coming up? Ozbo-

Well it was a pleasure, Ozbo and the Twisted Carnival to have you as guess on my blog and I wish you all great success.

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