Monday, December 14, 2015

HORROR Writer/Author Alexander Stephen Brown at Geekonomicon 2015


Sitting next to me at the Pulp/Writer's Exhibitor section was none other then Horror writer/ author Alexander Stephen Brown. 
He was wonderful and funny and he and his assistant/ friend, Kerry Stevens on his right. They made me feel like I fit right in. I was surrounded by other great authors and publishers and at first I felt like an outsider, but not long after we were all laughing and enjoying our day together. Even though you can't see me, I was actually sitting behind his huge sign. (Which I want one for myself.) 

After talking with Alexander I found out he's published by Dark Oak Publishing. I happened to meet the owner of the company Tommy Hancock who was also there sitting close by pushing his other author's works. I was extremely excited that a publishing house would work extra hard to help his authors. It was amazing. Also Mr. Hancock was down to earth and fun to hang out with.

The pictures below was his setup~ Impressive!!!

        Alexander S. Brown has a lot of different Novels out which can be found on Amazon

Alexander and myself pushing our books~~~~ We had a blast. Later we all even went to dinner together.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Geek-o-Nomicon in December, Bring the family

Do you enjoy Sci-fi, Cosplay, Star Trek, Vampires or the Living Dead? Well, in December on the 11th,12th, and 13th at the Biloxi Coliseum you can come with the kiddo's and have a blast, but don't come in your regular clothes. This is the time you let your child self come alive and dress to impress but only in costumes.
MY NEWS!~~~ On Saturday the 12th, I'll be there among some other great authors and I'll have a table and set up to sell and autograph books, so if you have my paperbacks please bring them with you and I'll love to sign them for you, also I'll be on a panel with the authors talking about writing. If everything goes well, I'll have my new book ready for the event and it's a Contemporary Romance with steampunk elements~~ I'm really excited about this one.

   We will have something for everyone! A Gaming room with everything from video games to tabletop in all its many flavors, a dealers room with variety, celebrity guests from all genres, panels & workshops, an art room and informational displays, photo opportunities with famous props, artists, comic creators, and writers that can sign their work, and more. There will be movie screenings with the guests, contests, activities, dances, games, an illusion show, dinners, an anti-bullying seminar for both adults and children by famous MMA UFC fighters, and much more.
   Welcome all cosplayers, re-enactors, Steampunks, Diesel Punks, Atompunks, Cyberpunks, gamers, fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, Anime, comics, and more. We want the curious and the knowledgeable alike. There will even be real live academics and scientists running about. Fun for the whole family!
Lots of behind the scenes content with costumers, special effects & make-up artists, animators, illustrators, actors, and prop designers, all with answers to your questions. Many charities will also be represented, and we will have a play area for the kids. Geekonomicon will have many different packages to choose from as well: online, at the Door, VIP, founders, dealers room only, etc. Discounts for Military, student & teacher, senior & children under 12 is free, media, and pre-arranged fan and re-enactor groups.
     These are my two books by Paula Hardin and there available on Amazon:

Just a few pictures from last years event, so much fun going on...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Different Genre's are fun to write

Greetings everyone.
      Sorry about not keeping up, but I'm far from the point of where I have someone helping me network and do the things I need done to get my name out there. Networking takes a lot of time away from writing but it's so important and it can be fun because I've met so many people and gained friends.
       I have two paranormal fantasy books out, which are short stories to get me started. The one I'm working on now is a contemporary, suspense, romance with steampunk elements.  Is that not a mouthful or what? A few weeks ago I entered 1500 words of the beginning into a writer's contest and won fourth place/honorable mention. I've come a long way baby.

Now I have to finish it before the end of the year because in December I'm working on getting a table  on that Saturday at a Geekonomicon 2015 in Biloxi, Mississippi. It's going to be a blast. It's a con like comic con, dragon con the air is full of energy, fun and appreciation for Sci-fi, horror, steampunk, paranormal anything you enjoy that's not NORMAL. Who wants to be normal anyway? I surely don't. So my other story I'm working on will surprise you too because that one is back to paranormal fantasy but not vampires, werewolves or the like. This one will have a different flavor and I hope not to disappoint. So if all goes well I'll have two new books out before the end of the year. Keep in touch..