Saturday, October 7, 2017

Chatting about Author Maggie Shayne

Hello peeps, It's good to have you drop by on my blog. I have someone very special to my heart on which I'll be talking about, Author Maggie Shayne. She was one of my first vampire romances that I read back in the year 2000.
 It was the beginning when vampire romance was just starting out and only a couple of authors were creating the new path of romance. Once I read her books I was lost. She's talented, beautiful and such a great inspiration in every way. To me she's a light that shines bright for she is comfortable in her own skin. In my eyes and other authors and readers she is considered a legend. Those few authors paved the way on how romance is written today. I think of her as one of the reasons I started to write. What she and Christine Feehan, and Linda Lael Miller started changed my life. I couldn't go back to regular romance books. They had become boring. Maggie Shayne has been a best seller many times over. I actually met her at a writer's conference years ago in Florida called the Silken Sands Conference. It was one of my first conferences and here she was in front of me giving a lecture about her life as a writer. I sat in her lecture room and listened on how in the beginning she was rejected more then once, twice and even three times, but finally she was recognized and got her first contract. The hairs on my neck stood on end, and my heartbeat thundered in excitement. She gave me hope, and determination.
   Looking back she has over sixty books published through Harlequin, Berkley, Avon, Martin's Press, Pocket Books and other top publishing companies. In March 2014, Maggie Shayne walked away and became a indie author.

She has something for everyone with her many genres,. She writes Paranormal Romances, Contemporary Western Romances(which surprises me greatly. giggles) Romantic Thrillers, and she has a blog called, "The Bliss Blog,"which she teaches Law of Attraction. Here is the link so you can check it out.

For the month of October she has a few things going on I thought I would mention.
Also she has another event that you might love. 

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