Thursday, February 2, 2017

Questions on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and the Ibook- paperbacks or ebooks

I've been a published author now for over a few years, and I wondered if all authors get more traffic and sales through Amazon? I know as an author there are so many of us as indie authors we have to work harder to get noticed. It seems to me, that most people not only shop for items through Amazon, they buy there books as well. Amazon is where my sales come through almost 100%.

Do you do better with ebooks or paperbacks? How many people use only the KDP part? Some people like it and others don't.  I don't because I do have them in Barnes and Nobles and Ibook, and other places like Smashwords.

Now I will say that when I first published, my sales were higher through Barnes and Nobles, but this last couple of years it has declined. Is it because more people use the kindle,  the iphones? What are your thoughts as authors, and I would also like to hear from our readers.

I do have the iphone myself and I love it, but my ibooks sales are very low.  How are your sales from people with ipads, iphones, or the mac computers? I thought personally that the iphone would bring in the big bucks because everyone loves the iphone, but I was mistaken.

I do self promote and push myself. I even changed my covers. I know part of my problem is how often I publish and this year my goal is to do at least three.  I just thought I would throw this out there into the void and see what others have to say. Thanks for listening to my rant on sales, promoting. LOL. An author's frustrations.

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