Advice on buying a Ebook

Hello, since becoming published I've discovered that there are still alot of people who don't know how to buy an ebook.
    So, I thought this might help. First you can download a ebook to any android cell phone with either the kindle app, nook app, some cell phones use kobo app. You just go to the market an browse for one of those apps. Download should be free. Then you buy the your first book and it'll show up on the cell phone.
    If you have a tablet you just sign up with the online book store of it's choice.
    Now!!! The big one. If you don't have any of those, or don't want to read a book on your cell phone, or ipod, or ipad you can download your book to your computer.
    If your using Amazon, go to the search and put in kindle app for computers and download it.. FREE..then you can buy books. Of course you have to have an account. winks.
    If your using Barnes and Nobles to buy.. go to the search and look up the Nook app for computers and download FREE.. then you can buy your book.
     I hope this helps, if not you can email me leave me a note and I'll try to help you.

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