Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Spreading some love to my readers and fans

I just wanted to reach out and tell everyone how much you mean to me.  For years I was the one who was the fan, reading other author's work, but now I'm both. There are certain author's whom I admire intensely and would bend over backwards to please them.

Now, I'm in awe, humbled to the roots of my soul because I have fans who tell me how much they love me, and how much they love my books.  When it happens it makes me catch my breath because I KNOW that feeling!!! I  have those same emotions for my mentor, my authors whom I adore.

I wanted to send out my heart to you and want you all to know, I love you all. I cherish our friendships and love hearing from you. You make me want to write more
and put out more books to keep you happy.

So this is a huge thank you for all your support and love. Keep in touch. When I have another book signing please come out and visit. It'll be great to meet you all in person. My next event in March 4th in Houma, LA

Love to you all.
Author Paula V. Hardin

   I have a different genre coming out
I'm working on the cover as we speak, it'll be called, "A Daughter's Justice" It's a contemporary Suspense Romance with steampunk elements.
I'm now working another vampire romance for all my fang peeps.

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