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Greetings to all,
      I'm not the best at Blogging as you can tell, but I'm a great Face book Queen. Winks.  I just thought I'd come by and say hello, and say we had a great Halloween. I dressed as a vampire, and my hubby was the Grim Reaper. We live in a small town and have a computer repair shop so we decorated because we're so country it's just safer for the children to have a great place to trick or treat. So we scared some, took pictures and handed out candy.  We laughed alot, scared kids, and some parents.
    Here are a few great Gothic pictures for you.. Email me if you like, or find me on facebook. I'm also now a member of Pinterest.com I also love Goodreads. Great place to meet up with your readers and other authors.

Paula Hardin

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