Promoting without Badgering your Peeps.

Goodness, that is a hard thing to do. Being a new author I have very little followers. I have lots of people I consider friends on Facebook, but on twitter, and Instagram not so much. Twitter gives me the hives, and Instagram well that's a new thing all together. Oh and I love Google+ so many people, and Pinterest is massive and impressive.
 Now let's not talk about blogging. How many ways I can say, I'm working, I'm working, and I'm working without sounds redundant?
  On facebook I joined writer's groups to self promote, and sometimes I think it's just full of other authors pushing their books. But, I know I have dues to pay before building my own following. Someone just yesterday told me, ME that I was her mentor. I was giddy with pride and humbled beyond words.
   With that said, please understand that I'm just trying to be noticed. I do have rules, I only post twice a day. Like twitter and so forth so I'm not shoving things down your throat. I hope I can still reach peeps who would like to read my stories.
    Well for tonight, it's late and I'm really tired. I thought I'd come write but my pillow is calling. Much love, and I'm going to go check my stats on how many books I sold today. grins, it's addicting. Shrugs, I can't help it. It'll get old when sales die down, but it's so exciting to see a new hit.  These are my two e-books available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and ITunes.


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