Monday, April 21, 2014

Well, I am shamed-faced sitting here, knowing I haven't been posting. I'm rolling my eyes in disgust, but I'm not a blogger by nature. I find my life boring, and I work a lot of hours to come in and tell you, "Well I worked all day, and tomorrow, I'd come back to say, yes another day at the grind." Grins, I think I can safely say, I live a boring life.

It's been since, 2012 that I self-published Forever Lost. I have been working on my second story and ran into a lot of problems with finding a editor. I finally found someone who is a English teacher, plus she's taught Creative writing, so my girl understand what is POV besides the grammar errors. Her name is Becky Highnote and her email is if your looking for an editor.

Now, for my exciting news!! The Unforeseen Rescue is now available online on Amazon, and here is the Link: