Monday, October 7, 2013

Tag, Your It, Blog Hop

Greetings! First I’d like to take the time to thank Runére for tagging me so I could join in the fun on this introductory blog hop. I can’t wait to read BLACK DOLL, the first book in her New Orleans based ‘Silent Doll’ series, seven stories that begin with an anonymously delivered Voodoo doll!
So, let me get to these questions I was given.
1.)   What are you currently working on right now?
Well, I’m finishing editing on the last few pages of my newest book, THE UNFORSEEN RESCUE. I hope to have it ready to release around Halloween. Though each of my books can be read as a stand-alone, my characters come from a central world, interacting with each other in their own story. This newest one has a connection to the main characters from FOREVER LOST, my first ebook, available at , but it's also available on Barnes and Noble, and Itunes, and Smashwords. I have another book I’m preparing to start edits on, hoping to have it ready for Heather Graham’s conference in December. With two other stories underway, I stay pretty busy! Oh! I bet you’d like to see the covers! Here they are for both books.


3.)   Why do you write what you do?

Smiling fondly. I owe it all to Christine Feehan. Once I started reading her books I was hooked on the Paranormal genre. It started out as a joke, but while waiting for her next book to come out, I tried my hand at story telling. But as I began to write my first pages, to build my characters, it quickly became real. Now I see my characters everywhere. While cooking dinner, watching TV, talking to a friend, my mind tends to go off and I’m transported back into my story. All I want to do is write.

That time I first tried my hand at writing I thought I was doing good, but I know now it needed work. I had not yet learned the craft. When she read my first pages, she didn’t tell me how mangled my work was; instead she told me how she loved this and that about my story. With her encouragements, it keeps me inspired. She’s a Icon, a legend to me and all who love her work.  Through the learning process and workshops, I have come a long way. And if she’s reading this, I want to say thank you. I love you beyond all the stars in the sky.

4.)   How does my writing process work?

After deciding to write a particular story, I find names for my main characters, I think about any habits they might have, what they look like  . . . and write them down! I learned the hard way when I forgot a character’s eye color about half way through the manuscript. I find a personal habit, good or bad, to bring them closer to the reader. I do all this while making primitive dolls. My love for the paranormal sneaks in there as well when I occasionally create Witch and Mummy dolls. Hahaha!  I sell them locally and online, with some of the money supporting my writing by buying my promos, and covers.

I tried to plot out my storyline, but lost the whole feel for the story. I don’t know what happens, or why, but it does.  So I think I write by the seat of my pants . . .hahaha . . .

Well, thank you for stopping by. It was my greatest pleasure to have you here!

Paula Hardin

PS—I tag April M. Reign and Tressa Messenger and Rita Bay. These ladies are great storytellers, so come prepared to meet two awesome ladies!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Paula! Strange how something that started as a joke can claim your heart and soul, isn't it? lol

    Wishing you success in everything you do!

    All my best,

  2. Thank you, Runere for tagging me. This was fun.


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