A Daughter's Justice

Greetings from Mississippi. I finally published my new story. My husband and I did the cover ourselves. What an accomplishment! A Daughter's Justice, it's a different genre then my paranormal fantasy. This new story is more of a contemporary suspense, romance, with a passion for steampunk wrapped up with a little bit of magic.

This is my blurb...
Merrick Hardin, a relentless defense attorney by day, lives a double life as a steampunk vigilante by night. After seeing her father murdered as a young child, Merrick, A.K.A. Jynx, vows revenge. After years of careful planning, Merrick is close to avenging her father when the eye-witness to her most recent case is wounded on her watch.

Command Sergeant Major Stone testified on the murder of a prominent Senator’s wife as the eye-witness. Only to be shot by the crime lord’s minions immediately after being released from protective custody. He awakens to find himself staring into the eyes of a beautiful woman named Jynx.

Things are not going exactly as planned when Merrick Hardin is left with no option but to hide Major Stone in her basement after she rescued him from an assassination attempt. 

 Afraid to admit to her alternate identity now that they’re both madly in love, Jynx worries that Stone will abandon her if he finds out that she is the really Merrick Hardin, the attorney who was responsible for the release of the crime lord and him getting shot. Grab your copy today, and leave me feedback. I would love your comments. Here is my amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Daughters-Justice-Paula-V-Hardin-ebook/dp/B075K268P7/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505430596&sr=8-1&keywords=Paula+V.+Hardin
and it's also available on Itunes for the iPhone. 

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