Mississippi Para Chasers searching for the Legend of the Yazoo Witch

Meet the MPRI Paranormal Team in the movie event of "The Mississippi Para Chasers" in pursuit of the Legend of the Witch
    of Yazoo episodes.

Team members from Left to right: David Childers, Jamie Childers, Wayne Childers, and Gene Hamil.

Legend has it she lived in a cabin on the river around 1884 where she lured men away and tortured them. A local sheriff deputy it's been said, chased her through the swamps only to find her half drowned in quicksand. At that moment she swore revenge on Yazoo city and that she would return in twenty years and burn the city down.

In 1904, a fire destroyed over 200 residences and nearly every business in Yazoo City – 324 buildings in total. Mysterious winds occurred on a normal kind of day leaving you to ponder the old witch's warning.

So, the Para Chasers are intrigued and interested in finding fact or fiction if she still lingers, what happens along the journey. I've seen the first episode and let's say. The hairs on my arms stood on end. Will they meet the witch of Yazoo?

Does her body remain in the marked grave? Evidence and history were burned to the ground in 1904, so follow them to see. http://www.eventscreamer.com/twistedcarnival/

A must read: 

The tombstone was put up in the 90’s in honor of Ray Rogers Sr who may have been one of the keepers (sexton is another word for it) of the cemetery from Jan 7th 1974 to July 1, 1995. The witch’s tombstone has on it “In Honor of Ray Rogers Sr. Sexton Jan 7th 1974 to July 1, 1995” When the monument was put up Ray was an honoree in attendance.
Sheriff of Yazoo County in 1884 was Sim Harrison. Sherif of Yazoo County in 1904 was Sherrif W.F. Stubblefield.
Some believe that the legend was born from the actions of Harriet N Prewett, an editress of a local Yazoo paper. It is said that she took on the Democratic Party for their raciest beliefs of the time through her writings. Back then men
could end up in duels by another if their story was deemed to be inflammatory but women were immune. The legend surrounding her is that some men felt out raged by her writings and created a story that said she was a widow who lived in a cabin on the outskirts of Yazoo City in 1884 and that she was a witch. The main problem with this is that shedied on November 28, 1883. She is buried in the same cemetery as the witch the Big Fire of 1904 was started at the residence of Mr. Wise. It was deemed to be caused by defective wiring. Others say that it was caused by an oil lamp spill. Regardless of how it started they all agree that the location started at Mr. Wise's residence.

The fire started at 830am and burned till 5pm. It destroyed most of the town.
Vay McGraw has played the witch on walking tours for 50
years. Her family also owns the funeral home that oversees the cemetery. The strangest part, she said, is that nobody really knows who the witch is. She refers to her as "the person who is buried there." "The records burned in the 1904 fire, and to be honest with you, there's no proof of anything. No cemetery records," she said. "There's no record, but there is someone buried there." she said.


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