New Orleans is my Muse

Just in case you want to know more about me. I'm big on New Orleans, La. I was born, raised there, until nineteen ninety four, when I moved to Mississippi to start over. But, New Orleans is my home, I love it there and miss it everyday.
      For me, there's no place in the world which can compare. The French Quarters, Magazine street It's has it's own world. It's not just the places, but its the people, the food, the atmosphere. When I find myself stuck and can't write. I drive down and walk the streets of the French Quarter. Drive on Magazine watch the joggers running with their dogs, and people moving about listening to music with their headphones. Loyola college people from different states live there, and you see them all over. The street car is fabulous. It can take you all over and even to Jackson Brewery.
      When you watch the movies, which makes us New Orleans people laugh, you always see Mardi Gras scenes. You would think we're always doing Mardi Gras. NOT people it's once a year. And we don't talk like the movie people portray us. The accent they use... sounds mostly like Thibodaux, La area.
      And the gumbo is my favorite. Yummmm... So here are a few pictures.

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