Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today's Ramblings..

I'm so excited to be heading out tomorrow. (Friday) for Houma, LA to spend my Saturday at the Jambalaya Writer's Conference. I'll be in workshops, and getting pumped up on writing. I love meeting authors, and editors, and to find out what genre is hot, and what's being asked for by publishers.

I'm working on edits on my steampunk story, I can't wait to get it out there. It'll be a short story, but a series of shorts. I can't just do steampunk it'll have
something extra. Since writing paranormal I find it kind of hard to write just plain jane. Not that plain jane is bad, I read everything. I just find it hard to write it. I am trying to broaden my genres and not be stuck into only one. I think that is important for a writer to do this.

I have my second vampire story in edits too, I can't wait, I'm building my world slowly, by intertwining my characters with each other. I love the whole idea about bringing my characters together in different books, with cities, and danger, and love, keeping updates on the past characters while the new take over the now.

What do you think about Microsoft buying out Barnes and Nobles, that's just crazy to me.  I haven't sold a book in Pubit in the past three months, as before I sold more through them then Amazon. Now it's flipped, and I get nothing.  I went to check my stats today, and come to find out, Pubit will be shutting down and Nook Press will be taking over, and I had to move my stuff over. What does this mean? I'm hoping more sales.


  1. With the rate that book stores are failing, I am so glad that I am planning to sell through Amazon as an ebook. So much more reliable.

    I am SO looking forward to your new books. I enjoyed the first one. It will be fun to wach your world & characters develop.

    1. thank you so much for your comment, and I hope I always keep your interest.

  2. Sounds so exciting!! Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you Miss Judy, hoping all is well in your world.


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